Mercury outboard clogged pee hole
8. It may be that the peehole is connected direcctly to the chamber at the top of the leg and if there is no blockage there water injected in the pee hole or leg may come out of the other opening. 3239 Download Mercury 850 Outboard Service Manual Removing my 1969 Mercury 650 Thunderbolt Ignition 65hp outboard's lower unit Well, good news is that she seems to run fine No water from the pee hole though Download Books Mercury 850 Outboard Service Manual , Download Books Mercury 850 Outboard spin clockwise. I didn't want to use the ear muffs and start the motor every time i come back from fishing especially at night. brought it back in to shore. 6-liter double overhead-cam, four-valve 64-degree V8 platform used across four Mercury outboard series: Verado, FourStroke, Pro XS and Ocean Pro. Aug 05, 2017 · But nothing out of the pee hole. if water is exiting then the water pump is working and water is flowing through the system. Aug 01, 2003 · Also Spendit is correct most of your big mills cool from bottom to top,so covering the pee tube is a valid test,,also with the motor cover off you can tell a lot by feel,,,you know feel the motor up at the top by the sensor,,is it hot?,,,with that said I will add that if the impeller is more than 2 years old change it!!!! if it is new but the Does a 1984 Mercury 3. Pull your engine cowl, then find where the little hose hooks up to the pee stream hole. While a fuel system problem may make it impossible to start an the engine, outboard cooling system problems have the potential to destroy an otherwise healthy motor as overheating can lead to a blown cylinder head gasket, or even complete seizure of the engine. Mine this time of year on both my kicker and big motor get plugged up with local bees like Mason, Wasp, or leaf cutters trying to make a nest in the pee hole line. I have taken the pipes off and checked, as you say with a piece of wire. Apr 25, 2014 · (Figure 2) To find the Authorized Mercury Senice STARBOARD facilities in your locality or when traveling, refer to the classified pages in the local telephone directory under "Outboard Motors". Mechanic's Assistant: Sometimes boat issues seem like they'll be really complicated, but end up being easy to fix. I did not do that, I went and drop the lower unit. I do know the impeller was replaced. The outboard should be mounted high enough on the transom so that the exhaust relief hole will stay at least 1 in. Improper Functioning of Exhaust ManifoldsWhen exhaust manifolds are clogged, they become non-functional andthereby, cause overheating in outboard motors. I have a mercury 200hp 2 stroke with super hot pee stream. Low-Emission Outboard Engines; Props, The plug gap for a 9. I cannot find the water outlet(pee hole)on this motor . I should have known better and it's now going to be a $10,000 mistake. Not positive on yours but some of the EFI's and carb'd merc have the pee hole hooked to Thermostat side which means the engine must be warm and the thermostats open before you get a steady stream. 39 MPH at 5700 RPM, heavy load. Add to cart. or a 12 guage piece of wire. it will likely be clogged with sand. Aligning the drive shaft spline can be tricky if you moved it and more then likely did. It will cost you a piston. Jun 13, 2012 · IMHO the peehole is a coolant indicator. The fluid level should be even with the bottom of the fill hole. That small hole also clogs up and should be cleaned. I also like to slightly drill out the plastic fitting on the side cover for the pee hose as it seems to get clogged very easily when operating in water that has moss, pebble sand or small twigs. There are three reasons your outboard motor's impeller won't pump. My dad passed back in January and I finally am getting around to selling his boat. Take a good look and you will find pee hole. The higher the RPM, the more flow. Suzuki Outboard Parts Forum; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Aug 02, 2018 · Modern outboard engines have come a long way, whether you’re talking about the now-common four-stroke or modern DFI motors. It breaks up the crud plug and rinses it out of the little end on the tube and such. As other ConWavers have suggested, before calling a mechanic I removed the engine cowling to carefully remove the rubber tubing attached between engine block and pee-hole outlet. Google searched issue and replaced $15 poppet and problem solved. See if it pisses water at the pee hole. the water should be very warm but not too hot to touch if the thermostat is working properly. If the horn goes off, you are overheating at the sensor. but all I had to do was take the tube off of the "pee hole" and blew air through it and it has ran perfectly ever since. 5: 1969: short or long: 2529895 - 2810636: 2535090 : 9. com 184 Jones Drive Brandon, VT 05733 USA (800) 209-9624 (802) 247-4700 (802) 419-3055 Fax Why does your 15 hp Mercury outboard spit water water flow out the pee. (25. I asked shop and they said it was normal. I felt the motor cover and its perfectly cold, not even close to being warm. HE said that Mercs always pull sand and stuff and the tube from the intake to the "pee hole" gets partially clogged. ) above the waterline when the engine is running at idle speed. Today the smalles Mercury outboards are made by Tahatso, over 75HP is made in the US and everything in between is made in China. S/N 5206550 & Up . Mercury Mariner gearcase diagrams, seal kits, and repair manuals. Mercury's Quick-Silver part number is #24789A 1 with the actual name being "Flushing Device". ) 60. Therefore the thermostat is opening, otherwise it would overheat ALL the time. That is the way they came right from the factory if not rigged to a speedo. Normal temperatures. 3) Yeah, the alarm should quiet after only a few seconds if you've restored circulation, so cool it with water at idle. You definitly have a blockage that is probably where the hose to the "pee tube" exits the block. Sep 14, 2009 · yes, irv, the tell-tale(pee-hole) is always a bypass nowadays, and is USUALLY not a good indicator if the water is ACTUALLY going through the motor. FAST $3. It runs but I don’t know if there is a pee hole on it. Shop Crowley Marine for 2003 Mercury Outboard. 9 hp. May 11, , That’s called the “pitot” and it’s pure crap. Horsepowers by Year. 5 - 9. Jul 31, 2019 · Hi all, First-timer here. May 01, 2013 · not done and lack of lubrication often results in overheating in outboardmotors. I turned in for repair and cost was $720 for fixing everything except the hot pee water. You could have fried your water pump if it was out of water running for any length of time. Hi, guys first-time post here. It is very simple and I hope this video will Re: Mercury Outboard no pee hole discharge my 1992 mercury 60 horse does the same thingh no water coming out of pee hole yet runs normal maybe just a clogged pee hole doesnt mean there is a major problem does it No water came out of the engine pee-hole when I cranked up my outboard last Sunday. com : Five Oceans Universal Outboard Motor Flusher Rectangular Cups Quicksilver 858064Q01 High Performance SAE 90 Gear Lube for Mercury Outboards and I thought I had a busted impeller or clogged cooling system at best because I had no I was so happy to see that water dribble out of the pee hole!. Here is what I’m observing - no problems … 1991 mercury 150xr4 Fuel pump diaphragm split, when I typified out and restarted the engine it idles at 3500 rpm, tried timing adjustment but it Temperature problems . The PO said he just installed a water pump. While the head is off check the water jackets around both cylinders, remove any debris is found. Take a paper clip and see if you can clear out the pee hole. When I pass 3000 Engine lost power and start a continuous Does a 1984 Mercury 3. Force by Mercury Marine Outboards. Often an outboard motor will overheat because the oil has not been changed often enough to allow the pistons to receive a proper amount of lubrication. Check all the cooling hoses for obstructions (disconnect one end if needed). The 15 horsepower Mercury outboard motor does not have a water pump. so, that killed that day. Year. " Mercury and Force, two different manufacturers. Mar 05, 2015 · 1994 Johnson 4 stroke outboard motors maintenance 15hp location of pee hole 1975 evinrude 15hp clogged 1985 mariner 15hp maintenance manual 4 stroke marnier 15hp outboard impeller replacement mercury 15hp 1986 mix ration mercury 15hp 4 stroke air screw seting mercury 15hp 4 stroke oil pressure switch mercury 15hp outboard two stroke motor use a Mercury Marine Tracker 40 HP 4 cyl outboard I need help finding the engine serial number. Mercury 20-HP Engines Parts Catalog Search Diagrams by Model 2 HP 3 HP 4 HP 5 HP 6 HP 7 HP 8 HP 9. the motor was running good, but I noticed, water not coming out of pee hole in neutral gear, but it coming out fine in forward and backward gear. 7. While it is out run the motor for a bit to see if the pump is working, you will get water all over, but at least you will know. When you put muffs on it, you run the motor. That way you are pushing the obstruction further into where you already DON’T want it to be. By the way, I think it is a tell tale actually - if that makes any difference. Mercury outboard motors with a hose attachment can be flushed without starting the motor. They can answer questions for any Mercury outboard motor model or horsepower including Chrysler Outboards, Force Outboards, Mariner Outboards, and Mercury Inboard/Sterndrives. Drill down from the year, horsepower, model number and engine section to get an online inventory of genuine OEM and aftermarket Johnson Evinrude outboard parts. 250x18 Replaces: Mercury 22-687271 9-60019 Seal, Thermostat Replaces: Mercury 26-854639001 Fits: 50/55/60 3Cyl Use with 9 For your 2-stroke outboard, be sure and use only 2-cycle outboard oil, with an NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certified rating of TCW3. And I took the boat to the lake. outboard pees super hot, changed thermostat and still peeing hot water, does the thermostat on a 90 hp 2 stroke have to open up for water to come out of the pee hole, how hot should the pee water from a suzuki 140 hp outboard be, how hot should the water from a 70 horse power yamaha outboard from be the pee hole, (61) For small outboards (up to 25hp), if you notice that your outboard is not "pissing" water, don't panic. WRITE a LETTER of EXPLANATlON If writing to the factory, include the following information: 1) Serial number, 2) model number, 3) date purchased, 4 This is a flushing fitting hole. Fits under the water pump and seals the driveshaft. Pull that hose off, and inspect the little nipple that is on the pee hole piece. A Mercury outboard water pump is a engine cooling system. I was wondering how much water should be coming out the pee hole at idle. How do I unclog the pee hole. 0 cm (22 in. I had already pulled off the jet pump and most of the hardware for it and rigged up the regular shift connection to the tiller handle to shift the regular lower unit that I installed today. Suzuki DF90/100/115/140, Water Pump Kits My dad bought a boat with a little 9. My Yamaha's pee stream was never more than barely warm. The water comes into the outboard’s engine through the lower unit, which is below water level as the boat is moving. Apr 29, 2019 · These are the cooling water holes. 00 $125. 3 cm (21 in. 9 yammy 97 model year is after the thermostat and I eventually pulled the stat to see if the pump was pumping and then checked the stat in some hot water. Mar 22, 2006 · But I agree with GF, I use my boat like an ATV, my pee hole gets clogged with bits of weeds, mud, leaves etc so often the motor is on a first name basis with the urologist. The engine was old and I like the boat, I knew I'd have to repower sooner rather than later and had settled on a new 90 Yamaha. Automobiles, trucks, and high-tech snowmachines are also water-cooled. I started it up last night and water wouldn’t come out of the “spit hole”. However, this last weekend I noticed no stream from the "pee" hole. 2008 Mercury 15hp outboard (F15M) Hi, Hoping you folks can help me out. AA's Small Outboards. We stock replacement drives, starters, alternators, ignitions, electrical or cooling systems, fuel pumps, carburetors, and so much more. Any suggestions? My previous experience has been that my outboards did not need to warm up to see water coming out the hole, it was pretty instantaneous. Embarrasingly, I learned this only after driving the boat for a period of time - during this time there was no issue with overheating, no rp Here's a pic. I'm guessing it's the alarm telling me the motor is starting to overheat. With a stick in place of the drive shaft, turn the impeller. Verado four-stroke outboards: No description of using flush muffs is shown in the manual, only the engine's hose-adapter fitting. Nov 17, 2009 · I recently bought a boat with a 96 Mercury 150HP outboard on it. The outboard should be mounted high enough on the transom so the exhaust relief hole will stay at least 25. Well it overheats and stops. 5 hp outboard have a pee hole? I just got this engine running after 20 years of sitting. Page 127: Drilling Outboard Mounting Holes OUTBOARD INSTALLATION NOTICE 1. Sometimes they get clogged. idle is fine and smooth, the motor has a TON of power. Offering discount prices on OEM Mercury Marine parts for over 50 years. This location is very protected. Devin, the article is great but after many years of dealing with the pee hole not working on a trip I added an additional gauge to my console . No water out of pee hole, fixed that but then seals broke and started to leak lower unit oil into water tank. Aug 20, 2014 - Explore mwliere's board "Outboard Johnson 6 hp" on Pinterest. What I’ve seen happen is that the impeller sucks up mud, sediment, sand, etc and the indicator outlet (“pee hole”) is the most constricted point of the system. Thermostat is fine since it pees strong most of the time and doesn't overheat most of the time. Jul 21, 2013 · First, my motor would only pee off and on, with rather strong pumps of water. plus at high speeds it got real hot, slowed down and it cooled off some what. Check if the engine is HOT. Wholesale Marine carries a huge inventory including the Mercury outboard parts you need. [/ QUOTE ] Certainly not if the water is steaming and hot. . Put an impeller in a pump housing. This fixed mine. When I pass 3000 Engine lost power and start a continuous Apr 16, 2018 · While the motor is running in a barrel, simply take your air hose and squirt a 1-2 second blast of air tightly into the pee hole from the outside where the water is supposed to pee out. So I changed it myself and sure enough the old thermostat was very corroded and had junk all over it. 1988 Mercury Outboard 150 Xr4 Manual - umtinam. Just a suggestion: We tried a number of different creative tools for opening the "pee hole" from coat hangers to various wires, but found that weed eater string works the best. They can answer questions for any Mercury outboard motor model or horsepower. lower unit outboard for 225 Horsepower with carburetor type, 225 and 250 hp. 5 cm (25 in. Find Impeller - 89984T4 here. D. Secondly it may be at the inlet tube connection. Exhaust restriction will result in poor performance at idle. I shut down the engine after about 45 seconds because it worried me, not seeing any water. Once good “thunk” on the bottom can bend several of your grates. On the 90 and 115 merc's , when you hook up to the pee hole, you are flushing the motor in reverse and should not be running the motor. The engine started with no hesitation, run smoothly in water until I accelerate pass 3000 rpm. Find Water Pump Base - Upper Gasket - 858524 here. Aug 03, 2011 · 2006 25HP Mercury Outboard- EFI 4 stroke-2006 25HP Mercury Outboard- EFI 4 stroke- motor was cutting aalope2001 , Dec 9, 2018 , in forum: Outboards Replies: Jul 29, 2002 · Both the 2. ) 53. You should probably get the engine serviced for the season, New Mercury Outboard Lower Unit 3. It should start peeing in a second or two if there is no problem. ) 24305 The solid line is recommended to determine the outboard mounting height. [ QUOTE ] a common problem but as long as it comes on after a while it should be ok. 5 In Stock - Ships Immediately. If not available, use automotive (ATF) automatic transmission fluid. Bought a brand new boat with a Mercury 115 outboard. I used a flush muff and water hose and started the motor . Drill the hole in the corner of the plastic Ell to a size smaller than the screw. Asked in Boats and Watercraft Mercury outboard 1997 overheating? You could have clogged water Active Trim can be ordered with all new Mercury outboards and sterndrives, and retrofitted to most late-model engines above 40 hp as long as the engine is Smartcraft-compatible. When I pass 3000 Engine lost power and start a continuous 2 Jan 2017 The sand clogged up the unit and the motor overheated very easily. Help others fix their motor or post a problem you are having with your motor. Oct 02, 2018 · Try running a wire down the pee hole a few inches as it could be clogged by a insect. Apr 24, 2012 · I’m not sure that I agree with pushing air up the pee hole. It might be a clogged "pee" hole or a clogged intake. 1999 120 HP 90 HP 75 HP 50 HP 40 HP 1998 120 HP 90 HP 75 HP 50 HP 40 HP 25 HP 15 HP 9. A number of folks will try to do this from the pee hole but some have a difficult time getting the wire/mono very far due to the curves in the tubing. dont run the motor if your not sure the whole system is working. 15, 2019. 1 out of 5 stars 22 $112. This did not help, so I took apart the lower leg of the motor to reach the impeller. For all of you Mercury Engine guys running Egrets. Oct 22, 2009 · Pee hole isn't clogged since it pees strong most of the time. 56 Sales Tax. Follow the hose to the block and you should find some sort of nipple (depending on make), remove the hose and blow compressed air up there. No water came out the pee hole, so I immediately shut it off. It apparently dislodge a chunk of something that clogged the cooling tubes. After a few seconds, the jet becomes more powerful but … read more A clogged or partially clogged strainer will reduce the volume of the “pee stream”. Clogged cooling system 01-09-2016, 07:35 PM Hello, I have a four stroke 90 and I don't seem to be getting and flow thru my pee hole unless I am up to at least half throttle and quits during idle. Black can and & Know the channel markers to follow a SAFE and CON- 5: FIDENT course. 456" I. I ran it a few seconds but shut it down when I saw no water outlet. I have a 96 mercury 9. 2 cm (19 in. Replaces: Mercury 22-68728 9-43050 Cover Kit, Thermostat Replaces: Mercury 90390A1 Fits: V-6 9-41100 Motor Flusher Replaces: Mercury 44357Q2, 73971A2 For: Any outboard or sterndrive with side water intakes 9-38024 Fitting . If you have your serial number parts lookup is even easier , use the serial number lookup box at the top of each page to go directly to your engine, drive or transom. 6. , and poke around in there. But the point is your may have a clogged pee hole or the tubing may be clogged. Today I am going to check and make sure the hole is not clogged up. I own a 1996 60HP Mercury outboard. 115 HP (2012) Mercury 4 Stroke with Black Max 13-3/4 x 15P. com Johnson outboard manuals; Mercury outboard manuals; Mariner outboard manuals; 1988 150 xr4 merc with low, then high, then low water from "pee" hole Seloc marine - product finder results Products Found for 1988 Mercury XR4/150 hp, V6, 2-stroke Jul 15, 2020 · Original review: Oct. At 20 hrs the FSM failed. I have a 6 yr old Yamaha 250 4-stroke. to check for damaged impeller. I like to plug the stock dump hole in the one piece and redrill 2 new holes that are 19/64. See more ideas about Outboard, Johnson, Outboard motors. For example, an outboard with a clogged cooling water discharge requires little or no disassembly, whereas an outboard that’s been underwater -- and laying in a mud bank -- needs a nearly complete disassembly. 5 HP Outboard Cold Start and Run August 12, 2017 Video of Mercury 7. Hi There, I have a 2006 75hp Evinrude eTec motor and it is not sending water out the rear hole in the motor which indicates the system is cooling correctly. Jan 11, 2016 · In this video I go through how to diagnose and fix an outboard that isn't peeing any water out the tell-tale. Your outboard has been manufactured by Mercury Marine, a world leader in marine technology and outboard manufacturing since 1939. I would appreciate your suggestions on I what I can do to increase the water flow. As for the Pee problem, either run something through the pee hole, make sure its not clogged. Mar 05, 2015 · 1994 Johnson 4 stroke outboard motors maintenance 15hp location of pee hole 1975 evinrude 15hp clogged 1985 mariner 15hp maintenance manual 4 stroke marnier 15hp outboard impeller replacement mercury 15hp 1986 mix ration mercury 15hp 4 stroke air screw seting mercury 15hp 4 stroke oil pressure switch mercury 15hp outboard two stroke motor use what type of oil mercury 1987 15hp outboard manual I would also replace that rubber "pee" hose as they tend to get hard over time and clog up more easily. Does a 1984 Mercury 3. 5 Tohatsu have always been easy starters (though the Mercury, after its 2nd ducking had water-in-fuel problems for long after). 00: Qty: Part#: TO-206: Mercury outboard parts 200, 225 and 250 hp. 2006 Mercury 4 stroke 40 HP starter circuit 50 hp mercury outboard efi manual location of thermostat mercury 50 4 stroke mercury 50 hp fuel filter how to install. When you Mercury outboard needs repair, make Wholesale Marine your destination. I took it apart tonight to inspect the pump and it appears new, I've help the lower unit in the water barrel and turned the shaft and seen it move water with just a few turns of my hand. However, enough information in 90 HP outboard repair manuals is given for do-it-yourself or apprentice mechanics to Mercury Outboard Impeller Repair Kit. Online Parts lookup, Large inventories of Mercury Mariner outboard OEM and Aftermarket parts, Same Day Free Shipping, Discounted rates. Fuel Line Connector : The fuel line connectors are the old standard Mercury bayonet type, with the one on the motor recessed in the front of the motor's lower cowling. Oct 22, 2014 · (although the pee is only luke warm and the cylinders never got hot to the touch) 2: too much oil in the mix; i definitely added a couple extra ounces in this mix 3: clogged exhaust relief hole; noticed this when i got home from fishing all day the small hole was clogged with black gunk Oct 22, 2009 · Pee hole isn't clogged since it pees strong most of the time. The plugs are fouled, replace them. We just cut off a few lengths of string (we use . 0 liter USA. Jul 17, 2008 · When I first received this engine, it started right up, but shook badly and smoked quite a bit. If the liner is removed, and the mounting holes plugged, a 7 3/8 impeller can be used, but there is no replacement liner for wear. Yes they are adjustable. Drill the 3/8" hole as describe above, hut get a #8 or #10 stainless sheet metal screw. Thermostat Though the thermostat is not often the cause of overheating in outboard motors, it can be damaged due to high heat. Water should flow whenever the boat is in the water with the engine running. remove the cowling and find where the hose connects to the block and pull it off and run a wire or heavy mono in to check for blockage. Jan 31, 2016 - Explore Islander Sailboat's board "Boat Engine" on Pinterest. Nov 27, 2015 · Well I found My engine muffs, ran a piece of large . Outboard engines are water-cooled so if your outboard motor is overheating then most of the time this is because of lack of water being sucked in and shot out. A clogged outboard can be a nightmare. Find Water Pump Repair Kit - 812966A12 here. Mar 17, 2015 · How to unblock a 90 HP Mariner Outboard. high sierra: jimh: posted 10-14-2005 12:23 AM ET (US) View and Download Mercury 40 service manual online. This post was edited on 4/13 at 2:20 pm Usually that is the symptom of clogged emulsion tubes (aka main nozzle) - the small holes on the side of tube get clogged by tacky dried two stroke when the carbs stood empty for awhile. And it’s pretty simple – the more bent up those things are, the more the motor has to suck to get water up inside. Start the screw in the Ell to get the Jun 01, 2010 · Your tail, my tail, Tell Tales? Before I go any further, Being a Marine Mechanic, Meaning we don't get shuddering thoughts of dis-pare when something goes wrong with a marine engine, every problem has a solution, The simple problems to us which we don't give a second thought to, maybe a serious issue to you. Outboard motor troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance is discussed in this open group. Can anyone tell me where the pee hole is on model 50ESL73R ? Please help . I know there has got to me a more technical term for it than just the pisser, but ive talked to 4 different people and they all call it that, but cant help me figure out how to fix it. I swear I have to keep a golf tee in them when boat is parked. He has a 40hp Mercury (believe it is a 96) 2 stroke that has been stored in the garage for the last 3 years with maybe one use a year. “The boat owner says he doesn’t know what happened, but I know he started the motor in his driveway, just because he likes to hear that two-stroke bark,” said Jansen. Each spring, inspect the cooling system outflow hole on the side of the motor to ensure it’s not clogged. Choosing the Correct Parts Your Johnson Evinrude model number is the key to finding the correct parts for your outboard motor. But seeing as your temps are up and your pisser is less robust, it could be the impeller in the water pump. Thin wire (breadbag tie/garbage bag tie) through the discharge hole or just take the cowling off the motor, pull off the tubing and clear it that way. 4 cm (23 in. 5 horsepower outboard running on a 12 foot shallow v-hull aluminum boat with one person how to replace water pump in 50 hp MERCURY OUTBOARD MERCURY OUT BOARD water pump replacement. I have no experience until today in how to unclog my outboard so I just open the top case and I went for it. Jul 10, 2015 · 150 HP (2013) Mercury Fourstroke with 15x15P SS Enertia (Thanks Todd!) - 41 MPH at 5800 RPM, light load. OG386496 up. Boat motor 4-stroke outboard motor 60 HP - EFI Bigfoot 60 installing new fuel pump on 2013 60hp mercury outboard 2004 225 EFI pee hole water flow 200pro225ho. The garden hose connector IS this pee hole on this model. Problem is running an outboard with the fresh water cooling system I heard the reason Mercury went with the thermostat was cold  Amazon. ) 48. The water pump impeller looks flexible but change it. Motor runs great and I keep it professionally maintained. Is the line clogged that leads to the pee hole? Is the water tube and guide  Should my 40 HP Merc EFI/4 stroke (2003) pee water immediately or does it need to warm up first? alumalunker. Pee hole or route to pee hole clogged. Do not spray on Page 34: Engine Break-In Procedure Take the thermostat out, use your garden hose, with something on tip to make as good of a seal as possible with the thermostat housing, and back feed the water through the engine block back down thru the water tube/exhaust. I've removed the tube near the head that runs the water out of the head casing, and attempted to clear any debris with zip ties etc. I ordered a second device and again there is no hole. 105 weedeater line thru the rubber tube till it entered the block, checked the inlets and blew some air in that area, started the engine and just got drips from the pee hole, I guess I will buy a new thermostat and gaskets and back flush the system, I replaced the impeller pump last Winter, so I am hoping I dont have to do that so soon. It's possible that you have an obstructed water pump tell-tale hole. If you hold your hand there for 10 seconds or more, it will burn you. Might wanna check on that before you waste your money on a water pump. When the hose adapter is disconnected from the connector, it will automatically shut off the flow of water. We all need a water pressure gauge mounted. Not the exhaust holes you have circled. Should the water flow freely out of the pee hole, or should it it have resistance. I took the boat for a run before and it runs mint. 9 cm (24 in. Wash the outboard exterior and flush out the exhaust outlet of the propeller and gearcase with fresh water after each use. hole. See more ideas about Boat engine, Boat, Outboard. Try not to get water all over you electrics when flushing thru thermostat hole. Apparently it was poorly made in Mercury Outboard Parts Forum Ask the experts on our Mercury Outboard Parts Forum for repair issues, diagnosing problems, links to diagrams, suggestions on buying parts and more. Needed to take the motor to an outboard repair shop. I have a Utopia 2001 with mercury engine 2 strokes, I never had issues for 2 years until this fall. Imagine the water coming in the side where the blades are extending and leaving the side where it is compressing. Dec 29, 2013 · This INSTANT REPAIR MANUAL DOWNLOAD for the Mercury-Mariner, Johnson-Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha 90 HP outboard engines were designed primarily for factory service 90 HP outboard technicians in a properly equipped shop. This might open the clogged passage. As for your pee stream being clogged, it is probably a pebble or a bit of sand. Re: Mercury Outboard no pee hole discharge A man will lie to you to make a buck$$ But an outboard not peeing will not lie. 1988 mercury XR4 150 hp black max took it out saturday and altho it ran great, very little water flowing out of the tell tale hole. A outboard water pump is what blows steam through to get the car cool, Water Pump Base for Mercury/Mariner Outboards Fits: 135-275 HP L4 & L6 Verado 4-Stroke outboards. Qiclear Marine 13 1/4 x17 | 48-77344A45 (Hub Kits Included) Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller fit Mercury Engines 60-125HP,15 Spline Tooth, RH 4. If it IS HOT shut it down immediately. You stated that it was not peeing the bulk of the coolant runs down the leg. Yamaha and Mercury have some interchangeable parts, like props and fuel connections and I'm guessing this joint venture might be a part of that. 9 HP 5 HP 1997 If you have to. The casting is larger on the outside to accommodate the 7 3/8 liner. Some mercury one piece plates come with dump holes that are too big to accomplish the 15 lbs. You might have some minor clogging or scale build-up at the pisser hole or passage. 12-01-2008, 1988 Musky Tracker 1800FS 1988 Mercury XR4 Black Max 150. Blow it out with an air compressor, put it all back together, and you'll be fine. May 27, 2013 · I brought the boat back to the house, and my Mercury 115 started up instantly on the first start of the season. 14. Jun 30, 2009 · Heres the thing. 080 gauge) , keep it in the boat and clear the hole when needed. seemed a little weak, but then againevery outboard is a little different from what I hear. But my outboard is for my dink and if I had a outboard for my big boat I would check things more often and in winter would check the impeller Mar 08, 2007 · You can scrub the engine down and use a scrub brush on the water intake. Water is has greater mass and is a better conductor of heat than air. BillS: jimh: posted 11-15-2005 10:55 PM ET (US) Apr 25, 2014 · All mercury bluebands 66 72 1. 2006 mercury 90 hp owners manual change the impeller on a Mercury 40HP 2007 lightning pdf Mercury Mariner 2001 service manual 50 60 HP 50HP 60HP stroke outboard. When you are looking for specific Mercury Marine Part Numbers, why pay the normal high prices for OEM Mercury Marine Parts & Accessories when you can shop PPT online for huge discounts and free shipping. To ensure that your new cowling will fit your watercraft, verify the model number of your unit and make sure the new cowling is a matching part manufactured for May 28, 2006 · the pee hole is for visually checking water flow through the cooling system. 250x18 Replaces: Mercury 22-687271 9-60019 Seal, Thermostat Replaces: Mercury 26-854639001 Fits: 50/55/60 3Cyl Use with 9 Apr 16, 2018 · While the motor is running in a barrel, simply take your air hose and squirt a 1-2 second blast of air tightly into the pee hole from the outside where the water is supposed to pee out. 1966-78. Buy Discounted Mercury outboard parts and Mariner outboard motor Parts . The pee hole is on the stern, usually a brass fitting. The Marine Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. Add to Wishlist. The yellow arrows on the right, show the "pee tube" that comes off of the muffler, and curls around to it's outlet port in the plastic fascia (which is removed in the photo). 2 Mercury and the 3. If that doesn't work you might try pushing water or air the opposite way if it is something wedged deep and can't be busted loose any other way. The goal of this group is to Mar 05, 2015 · 1994 Johnson 4 stroke outboard motors maintenance 15hp location of pee hole 1975 evinrude 15hp clogged 1985 mariner 15hp maintenance manual 4 stroke marnier 15hp outboard impeller replacement mercury 15hp 1986 mix ration mercury 15hp 4 stroke air screw seting mercury 15hp 4 stroke oil pressure switch mercury 15hp outboard two stroke motor use what type of oil mercury 1987 15hp outboard manual Hi, guys first-time post here. If that fails, try running a small wire up there. You better stop!! If not a burned up motor. 13 Jun 2016 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Love this motor. The engine needed more work anyway. Only. How much you experience that nightmare, depends on the nature, location and cause of the clog. What is the Weight of a 1997 40 hp mercury? The dry weight for a 1997 model, 40 hp Mercury outboard, is listed at 177 lbs. Most marine FWC thermostats open at 160°F and will be fully open at approximately 180°F. I had muffs on the water intake and had the water turned on plenty. Also, the water coming out seems to be hotter than I have ever felt on my previous motors I have owned which were Suzuki' and Johnson's. " Some inboard-outboard marine engines contain a closed loop cooling system that consists of a radiator, which uses anti-freeze (coolant) for the purpose of cooling the engine passages and wet exhaust manifold. It was spitting water at best with plenty of steam. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 4 mm) above the water line when the engine is running at idle speed. Sierra 18-3217 Water Pump Repair Kit for Mercruiser, Mercury For #1 Units thru S/N D494568 (Similar to #46-96148A5 without base or housing) Used on Mercruiser Stern Drives and Mercury Outboards. 05-03-2014, 04:17 PM. I have bought a 1973 50 hp johnson . I was always able to do one of two things. There was a black nylon cable tie that secured the two pieces of tubing together right above the hole. a little tohatsu I have and my brother-in-law's Johnson both has hot water coming from the pee hole and have both been cured by a good clean-out of the waterways, and new impellers (and a new Jul 17, 2008 · On the 650 and 700 Mercury outboard, the housing will have a small hole for the poppet valve to expand (see above pic). To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Part # 9. Re: Clogged pee stream There has been some questions about Mercury's clogging up while running in the Keys or any shallow muddy sandy bottom! Well first hand knowledge is when you run the motor threw sand shell and mud Oct 22, 2008 · My 40 hp mercury outboard is not "pissing"? I got the motor running, but the pisser is not pissing. Backed by decades of innovation and leadership, Mercury outboards are built to go the distance, delivering legendary performance driven by forward-thinking technology. Mercury Outboard Flush Device #C-24789A 1. Fuel Mix : The fuel gasoline to oil mix should be the normal 50-1 of 87 octane gasoline and TCW-3 outboard marine oil. I'm guessing instead of the high jets being clogged one carb comepletely shut off starving that piston of the gas oil mixture. Are they clogged? Any debris around the impeller? Small amount of debris can cause a HUGE drop in water flow. Oct 20, 2003 · I have a 1997 Mercury 150 EFI outboard that I just bought. Nobody makes a more reliable, powerful, and efficient lineup of outboard motors than Mercury: Verado, Pro XS, FourStroke, SeaPro, and Jet. ) 56. ) 50. That's the way I interpret the factory manual. This is the second such device from T-H Marine which does not have a hole (commonly called a pee hole) for the water to be eliminated when the engine is running. The first is that the water stream fitting -- the outlet hole for an outboard motor's cooling system -- is clogged. when i plug my garden hose in it, there was much resistance? Am i getting this because the thermosat is close. But no new water impeller nor water pump was required for repair. 8HP Mercury 110 on it. minimum to cool the motor at WOT. I then took it to a pretty clean lake, and within a few minutes it overheated to an oven. 040in. … Oct 28, 2019 · How To Fish From A PWC Four Top Tow Toys Tested Preventing Clogged Marine Air-Conditioning Intakes The Sea-Doo Lifestyle 2020 Fountain 34 TE 2020 Fountain 34 SC Five Top Crossover Watersports Boats What To Look For in a Jet Powered Boat What To Look For in a PWC MasterCraft Announces the 2021 ProStar Water Ski Boat Mar 05, 2015 · 1994 Johnson 4 stroke outboard motors maintenance 15hp location of pee hole 1975 evinrude 15hp clogged 1985 mariner 15hp maintenance manual 4 stroke marnier 15hp outboard impeller replacement mercury 15hp 1986 mix ration mercury 15hp 4 stroke air screw seting mercury 15hp 4 stroke oil pressure switch mercury 15hp outboard two stroke motor use Outboard motors can efficiently use water for cooling. 8: 1979: m: 5206550 - 5541279: 7125388 Find genuine factory OEM Mercury Marine, Mercruiser and Mercury Racing parts for your engine, sterndrive or a Mercury accessory using detailed drawings and images. You should be able to notice if the flow of water is not as strong as it should be. Also check to make sure the intakes arent clogged with clay. So for the guy who got  10 hp Evinrude Sportwin Outboard Boat Motor For Sale. the vast I checked the pee hole on the side of the motor cowl outlet, and it was peeing in the water. I have never worked on a outboard but have read that it is fairly simple to replace the impeller. Add Quicksilver or Mercury Precision Lubricants Power Trim & Steering Fluid. I probably had it running for just a couple seconds before I turned it off. Sep 14, 2009 · Sometimes that thing gets clogged. DFI 3. For you non machinists that don't have taps or understand a screw size and threads, here is a simpler method of doing the same as above. I found the best solution for using the flush port finally since my lower unit has the low water pick up the ear muffs won't work without buying the $40 attachment. When exhaust manifolds areclogged, water cannot properly flow and thus more heat is generated. My mechanic fixed the first flush device by drilling a hole in the gray part where it should be. Bad vibrations. 1982 Mercury 7. 40 outboard motor pdf manual download. OUTBOARD INSTALLATION Determining Recommended Outboard Mounting Height 63. More than likely, you need to replace impeller. Make sure your fitting and hose are not clogged by bug debris. Original Article found in Mercury Marine’s Blog Site. The ex owner said It need to change impeller so I changed it from watching youtube. Get throttle to just above the start position, no more than 2 pulls on full choke, then throttle only. A new clean system under moderate load should operate at the lower end of this range and a dirty system under full load might operate in the upper range. Feb 27, 2007 · Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 9 (2 strokes) outboard motor. Overheating problems manifest when the radiator cores become clogged with rust and residual oil and sludge. however, the motor has a white smoke coming out the exhaust. 9hp kicker motor. I did notice on the last 2 outings the stream from the "pee" hole diminished greatly to nearly nothing at full throttle. In both cases, reliability is far better than it was in decades past, fuel efficiency has increased, and problems like smoky exhaust and ear-splitting sound levels are ancient history. Thanks in advance for your help. The impeller had Oct 20, 2003 · RE: How much water should be coming out the pee hole at idle on an outboard? PJ My tattle tale on my 9. high sierra On a late nineties Merc, that tube was tucked back into the hole from which it emerges from the gearcase. Ask the experts on our Mercury Outboard Parts Forum for repair issues, diagnosing problems, links to diagrams, suggestions on buying parts and more. Outboard Motors. I am very new to outboard motors, and just bought 1982 7. The gauge is not showing overheating nor are any alarms going off. with the motor in the water and runing follow the weep hole hose back to the engine and pull it off if water is coming out, then you have a bad weep hole if still On the 90 and 115 merc's , when you hook up to the pee hole, you are flushing the motor in reverse and should not be running the motor. When i run it or just fire it up in the drive way with the water hose the water from the pee hole is very hot. that is #1. That is not normal for the heck of it drop lower unit and see for your self. MERCURY OUTBOARDS -MODELS 1966 THRU 1972 2. Troubleshooting tips: Water in lower unit, Mariner gear case oil leak, Mercury outboard lower unit, Mariner gear case rebuild, Mercury outboard gearcase, Mariner gearcase lube, Mercury lower end rebuild, Mariner lower unit parts, Mercury outboard propeller seal, Mariner lower unit diagram, Mercury lower unit seal, Mariner lower Mercury Outboard Parts and Mercury Marine Motors are among the most popular outboard motors for sale today. Eventually it began overheating, and I decided to attempt to fix the problem. First try to spray water into the hole from the outside. 00 I have bought a 1973 50 hp johnson . Aug 08, 2006 · OK guys need your help. 035 - . Then possibly pull the head and check for water passages thru the headgasket are clear. The first thing I check was the impeller. The tell tale / pee hole isn't blocked - my first thoughts. EVERY TIME you run the boat and come back in for the day, freshwater AND especially in saltwater, use the recommended low pressure grease gun and lube the impeller shaft's bearings that are located under the water pump. 8. more than likely your propeller is toast and its cheaper and easier to replace propeller than an a outboard. Quick View-15%. EFI. the easiest way is to grab a zip tie and shove it in the hole and see whats happens. When I give it a little gas (1500 RPM's), it comes out in a steady stream. Page 103: Drilling Outboard Mounting Holes OUTBOARD INSTALLATION NOTICE 1. 10 Sep 2013 It's a 90 horse Mercury outboard 2 stroke oil injected made in 2000 with 2- Pee hole clogged (as other suggested ) possibly you sucked some  Any thoughts??? I have a 2003 Mercury XR6 150hp 2 stroke. 2) Keep a three foot length of weed-whacker string on board t'run up the p-hole (the engine’s) and into all the openings you can get to, if cleaning the screens doesn't do the trick right away. 00 $125. The yellow arrow at the bottom, pointing up shows the path the pumped water would take. After the motor has flushed for 3 minutes, release the hose adapter from the flush connector by pressing the release button on the flush connector. To check fuel pump - prime carburetor with the hand bulb - disconnect petrol pipe from pump to carburetor at the carburetor and slip into bottle. But, if the motor is a 1996, when was the last time the water pump impeller changed? I typically change the water pump impeller every three years in order to maintain a good water flow. Obstruct~on When returning, keep the red buoys on your right; black spar buoys marker May 19, 2010 · With an outboard jet, most of your bottom strikes are going to occur right on the grates on the underside of the shoe. It gives a good flow during idle and at least up to half throttle. Mercury Marine is the only marine engine manufacturer to offer joystick piloting for outboards, gas and diesel sterndrives, and pod drives. After I replaced it the pee stream still didnt warm up. Instant response, total control. Nov 11, 2019 · 5. Back then, not sure. Serial Number. Finally, the best tip for any of today’s outboards: Buy gas at a busy station, and do not allow it to sit in your tank for more than a few months. Once the cooling system is full of water, Mercury notes that this procedure should be used when flushing the engine after use in salty or dirty water, and also as a part of preparing the outboard for storage. I always keep an eye on my pee holes, whether a fishing engine or race, but I took my eye off it for a minute as I was watching other boats, and the GPS. Each month, spray Mercury Precision or Quicksilver Corrosion Guard on external metal surfaces. You can find Tohatsu 2-stroke outboard motor oil at your local dealer. Looks good to me. 5 hp mercury outboard. 0 Liter V6 200 hp 225 hp 250 hp DUAL Water Pickup 2000-2009 3Yr Warranty: Price: $1,045. When I start it in a garbage can, the water coming out of the pee hole quickly becomes hot. Take a stout wire, like a coat hanger or a little smaller dia. I have a 2008 15hp Mercury outboard (F15M) that started making a knocking noise. Jul 09, 2011 · Jansen showed me a Mercury outboard water pump housing he removed this season that is coated with melted rubber (see photo #2, above). 1964 mercury 50hp thunderbolt outboard Help Recent Topics. Because different models of outboard motors manufactured by Mercury have different configurations and shapes, there is no universal cowling that will work across all Mercury products. Jan 24, 2015 · pee hole My pee hole does get clogged every so often and I keep a piece of wire handy to clean it out and if like mine the flow shoots out very good so I just try to flush with fresh water often. Having the exhaust relief hole above the waterline will prevent exhaust restrictions. Mercury sells a flushing adapter that uses a 3/8" National Course bolt thread on one end and a female garden hose end on the other. Mercury Thunderbolt running after sitting 3 yrs Tips on buying a Jul 26, 2009 · I recently had my '87 Mercury 25hp serviced with water pump repair. nothing will happen to the motor if only it is clogged. Start motor and the pipe should pee petrol into the bottle. Oh well, at least it pisses now, back to the first problem. I would also replace that rubber "pee" hose as they tend to get hard over time and clog up more easily. Every outboard Ive ever had would piss warm. I know there is a temp sensor in the compressor but I have lost two compressors before I started doing this and never had an alarm. Never, never, never use automobile oil in your 2-stroke outboard. I have a mercury. We go through checking for blocks in the tube and outlet nozzle, removing the Mar 06, 2016 · Mercury 50hp outboard won't eject water when muffs on. I have 175 hp, 99 mercury outboard with an electric choke that works with a solenoid, well it would take forever to get the engine started with the choke on so I took the choke out put it on the Aug 01, 2003 · Two fix's: with the horn going off, put your finger over the tattle tail hole for about 20 seconds. Insects love to crawl up into it, but once there, they may become trapped and die. 6-liter V8 300R motors, so it gave us a chance to get him to compare the proven and very popular Racing 400R outboard to the new Racing 300R motors. If you have water coming out of the engine cowl something is leaking. Related Questions. This is at the top of the cylinders, so change out the impeller. - 35 MPH at 6400 RPM with light load, but ~15 mph in turns when tubing with a loaded boat. Also for: 50, 55, 60. 9 and it has been sitting for 6 months or so, I went to run it in a bucket water and noticed no water coming out of the pee hole. Having the exhaust relief hole above the water line will prevent exhaust restriction. 95 shipping available. Is this normal for a Mercury. Jan 23, 2012 · I have a 1999 Mercury 9. You may not get pee water on a hose unless you have a LOT of pressure/flow. V-200 hp. Johnson outboard manuals; Mercury outboard manuals; Mariner outboard manuals; 1988 150 xr4 merc with low, then high, then low water from "pee" hole 1988 mercury xr4 black max 150 - scream and fly 1988 Mercury XR4 Black Max 150. Jun 01, 2009 · Can't believe it was this simple and sorry if this is a huge oversight on my part. When I took my outboard to the yamaha mechanic he told my my outboard was peeing cold and needed a new thermostat. ) 58. Offering discount prices on OEM parts for over 50 years. 8 cm (20 in. 00 $ 112 . Remove fill cap and check fluid level. HP. The new type intake uses a liner for 7 3/8. Digital Throttle & Shift. Are any hoses pinched or crushed? The pee hole is a magnet for bugs that like to build in small tight places. Jul 22, 2006 · How does the thermostat work in the control of the cooling water flow expected from the hole. In any case the pee hole is an indicator, not the sole exit for all the cooling water. When grass stops up the lower unit the pressure goes to zero (0). Mine takes about 10-15 If the pee stopped, and the peehole isn't clogged, then you got problems. The water should come spraying out of the hole, but nothing ever arrives. May 12, 2008 · one thing to check. Prime fishing season now and no boat for 3 weeks. 01 2stroke 50hp mercury does right away. It is identified by the bolt head relief in the castings for wrench clearance at the six holes. Try taking a paperclip and poking it into the pee hole. I did a back flush through the pee hole and it cleared it out for awhile, but it ended clogging again. Feb 07, 2017 · Outboard engine troubleshooting is an handy skill. more than likely your prop chopped the weeds up and you sucked in junk through your water pump clogging the tube. MarineEngine. You were given good information on how to clear the hole. This 340X has been used as a test boat by Mercury Racing, and was originally powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 400R outboards. When servicing engines, we found this is the most common cause for a motor to bog down when hitting the loud lever. Specializing in New and Used Outboard Motors such as Mercury Outboards,  If your pee hole is pushing water, you are cooling much faster than at The majority is shot out the exhaust with the pee hole letting you know if the system is clogged or not. Hot enough for your hand to only withstand it for a couple seconds. It can act as a stand-alone unit. If I run the motor a very low speed for 3-4 minutes, an alarm goes off. The outboard motor is air cooled and does not have a need for circulating water. There is very little water coming out of the pee hole. Mar 13, 2011 · Fuel filter on 2003 mercury 50 hp outboard motor serial OT825935 ignition switch box location on a mercury 60hp 4 stroke bigfoot pee hole plug 50Hp Mercury 4 Stroke thermostat. I did not even know the hole was there until I removed cover and noticed the area was completly covered in buildup. Not sure exactly what model that is, but TimS is right, it may take a little while to get through the thermostat. 9hp Mercury outboard, ( all models ), is . Watch the impeller blades extend and compress. Brand new spoons, flashers, meat rigs Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a pee hole Boat Engine Mercury Outboard Marine Boat Aftermarket Parts Johnson And Johnson Outboard Motors Repair Manuals Search Engine Yamaha Johnson Lower Unit Group Parts for 1967 6hp CD-24 Outboard Motor Online inventory of Johnson CD-24 Lower Unit Group parts for 1967 6hp outboard motors. Read your manual. Weather your trailer it or keep it on a lift. The new Mercury Racing 450R is based on the naturally aspirated Mercury Racing 300R outboard, which in turn has as its foundation the 4. 4 mm (1 in. 9 HP 10 HP 15 HP 18 HP 20 HP 25 HP 30 HP 35 HP 1. Gallagher told us this is the first example of the 340X he’s rigged with the new 4. I took pictures and put it in a blog, figuring it would be easier than 1998 90 HP clogged water jacket-need cleaning process tips 09-03-2018, 09:38 PM Dear Good Yammie Mechanics; I have a 1998 90 HP that is overheating at high RPM I have never pulled the head to clean the cooling system. Feb 19, 2008 · " In choosing a Tracker Outboard you have selected one of the finest outboards available and a sound investment in boating pleasure. Apr 27, 2007 · Put a new impeller in anyhow then start the engine (using something to supply cooling water - muffs, running in a tank, etc - then blow compressed air up the pee hole while its running. Replace Impeller (Water Pump) Mercury Outboard 75 hp This video I replace the impeller on my Mercury 75 75 hp tiller style outboard This was also a learning process for me as it Outboard Motors Mercury Download Service and Repair … Original 1987-1993 Mercury Mariner Outboards 70/75/80/90/100/115HP 4-cylinder These hoses travel around the engine and the exit out the pee hole, first check that the pipe on the engine holder is clear [mine had a lot of build inside] Once you are convinced that's clear i would get some water up that small hose and see if there's any water flowing, these small 6mm hoses that cool various components and the entry and exit Buy OEM Parts for Johnson, Outboard Parts by Year, 2004, BJ50PL4SRS Back on that Mercury 225hp ProXS direct injection oil injected 2-stroke and Yamaha 9. 13119-90J00 SUZUKI OUTBOARD FOUR STROKE INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKET $ 5. model year chart for mercury outboards models 7. It is inaccurate so therefore it gives you bad MPG and gets clogged with seaweed. A 2 1/8-inch hole saw is all that’s needed to install the display in the dash. If it is NOT HOT, push a wire (the thickness of a paper clip) into the "pee" hole. mercury outboard clogged pee hole

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